eyt-logoKimberley Snapshot

Kimberley is located in the south eastern corner of British Columbia just north of the U.S. Border. The City population (6,484) enjoys views overlooking the fertile and beautiful Kootenay River Valley and the Rocky Mountains to the east.
· Elevation 3,663 ft/1,110 m (Second highest city in Canada)
· Population 6,484

Who We Are & What We Do!

The Kimberley Early Years Team (EYT) is a community planning committee dedicated to the support and advocacy of families living in and around Kimberley.  Members include agency representatives and individuals from a broad cross section of disciplines – social service agencies, public health, resource and referral, mental health, literacy, early intervention, business, childcare.  Parent representation from our community is vital to stay current and accurately represent families in our community.

The primary role of the EYT is to facilitate the coordination of family services and early childhood community development in Kimberley. We function as:

Our three year goals include:

  1. Promote community awareness of family well-being.
  2. Strengthen the EYT by expanding the scope of community partnerships to ensure needs of families are being addressed.
  3.  Enrich supports and services for families and children.
  4. Increase sustainability of a system of ECD service delivery in Kimberley.