ages-and-stages-projectParents are invited to complete the Ages & Stages Questionnaires, take a look at your child’s development, celebrate your child’s strengths, learn ideas & activities to support next steps, receive help to find resources.

The Kimberley Early Years (EY) Team is excited to once again invite parents of pre-school children in Kimberley and surrounding area to participate in the Kimberley Ages & Stages Project. In its fifth year, this community initiative provides a fun way for parents of every pre-school child to compile a ‘book of memories’ by completing the Ages and Stages Questionnaires at regular intervals during their child’s early years.

Each child is unique and parents are the experts on their child. This project is designed to provide a tool for parents to gain insights into the stages and diversity of development. Parents gain confidence in their understanding of their child’s progress, celebrate their child’s strengths, and learn fun ideas for supporting their next steps. If parents have questions or concerns, they will receive information, helpful activities and, if desired, support so that they can connect with appropriate service providers. All information is confidential and questionnaires are retained by the parents.

Learn about fun developmentally appropriate activities, parenting resources and community programs through the Kimberley Ages & Stages Project. For more information please contact Chelsie, Project Coordinator at 250-427-0716  or email her at