Child Car Seat Safety

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According to the British Colombia Automobile Association,

In BC, an average of 1,400 kids under age nine are injured and four are killed in motor vehicle crashes every year. Research shows that seat belts and child car seats – when used correctly – are the most effective tools in preventing injuries and deaths in car crashes.

BC law states that the driver must ensure all children in the vehicle under 16 years old are correctly secured in a child car seat or seat belt.

As children grow and change, the type of protection system needed also changes.

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New or used child seat?

Once you have identified the type of seat for your child, decide if you are buying new, used or borrowing a child seat.

New child seats

A new seat will:

Used or borrowed child seats

For a used or borrowed seat you should check that the child seat:

How do you know which model to buy?

There are many models of child car seats. Transport Canada sets the same safety standards for all seats: Higher cost does not equal greater protection. The right seat for your child is the one that:

Is legal to use in Canada

Child car seats purchased in other countries are not legal for use in Canada. All child seats made for use in Canada will have a National Safety label on the child seat. Transport Canada – Consumer Information Notice

Fits your child

After you determine the type of seat for your child, choose a child seat that has:

Fits your vehicle

After you have chosen a child seat that fits your child ensure:

Is easy to use

When you have chosen a child seat that fits your child and your vehicle choose a seat that you can easily:

Expiry Dates

If a child car seat is past the expiry date it should not be used.

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Transport Canada recalls child car seats due to safety concerns. If you are buying a used child car seat or you want to check one that you already own, view the latest recall notice:

If you have any questions, call the toll-free BCAA Child Seat Information Line at 1-877-247-5551 or email

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Update from BCCAA on Nov. 8th 2016 – Important news for installing child car seats!

If you are tempted to move your child to the next stage early (for example moving a child from facing the rear to facing forward), don’t. Research shows this may pose an increased safety risk to the child.

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Updated recall list available here

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