Food Security

Kimberley’s Early Years Team has identified Food Security as an important part of early childhood development. Below is some information on the team’s food security initiatives as well as supported community projects.

1. The Good Food Basket:

The Good Food Basket contains fresh fruits, vegetables and milk available at a reduced cost. Produce is purchased in bulk and the savings are passed on to participants. The Good Food Basket is an opportunity to obtain healthy food
while on a limited income.

Good Food Basket Dates

Another Food Security Initiative the Kimberley Early Years Team is promoting is Healthy Kimberley’s Live 5210 Project.

                2. Healthy Kimberley Live 5210             

“The purpose of the Healthy Kimberley project is to bring people together from all sectors of the community in order to make the healthy choice the easy choice for Kimberley residents. We aim to remove barriers to, and expand opportunities for: social inclusion, good nutrition, increased physical activity levels, and reduced screen time amongst our target population groups.

One way in which Healthy Kimberley is achieving this is through the implementation of the “Live 5-2-1-0” initiative in partnership with SCOPE, an organisation from BC Children’s Hospital that focuses on preventing childhood obesity using the easy to remember, evidence based, Live 5-2-1-0 message – at least five vegetables and fruits, <2 h of screen time, at least 1 h of physical activity, and zero sugary drinks, per day.”

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