Kimberley Support

“The evidence is compelling and overwhelming:  well-funded integrated child development and parenting programs improve the cognitive and social functioning of all children.  Early child development is a prime time investment opportunity for society providing greater returns than any other period of life.  Investments need to be substantial and sustained to promote equal opportunity for optimal development for all children and produce the documented economic, health and social benefits.  The involvement of the different sectors of society – public, voluntary and private – in creating a system of early childhood programs will help build social capital, which is thought to be a key factor in long-term economic growth and the maintenance of tolerant democratic societies.”

McCain M, Mustard JF, Shanker S. 2007. Early Years Study 2 Putting Science Into Action. Toronto:  Council for Early Child Development. 185 pp.

How to sponsor

Many opportunities exist to work with your local Early Years Team in many different capacities from special events to committee members.  For details around volunteer opportunities please contact Early Years Team Coordinator/ Success by 6 Community Coordinator – Danica Roussy at (250)427-5309.